FasTRX Personal Training Demonstrationt track fitness goals when you schedule one-on-one sessions with trainers at our Hackensack gym, where you’ll learn the ins and outs of progressing and scaling your TRX Suspension training workouts.

The TRX is an amazing addition to any personal fitness routine, regardless of your fitness level. You’ll learn to adjust your body positioning to implement increased stability, balance, and strength.

TRX fitness workouts are designed to improve your quality of life by improving movement patterns. Our personal trainers will help you start slowly and build up to more intense exercises by instructing proper stability, strength, and balance. Proper form through stability, strength and balance help build a stronger core, lesson the risk of injury, and ultimately optimize your personal exercise results.

Our suspension training workouts are designed specifically for the TRX to involve pushing, pulling, legs, and to force the body to work in multiple planes, using multiple muscle groups.  FemmeFitness clients love suspension training because it’s a very functional workout with highly-desired results!

Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about  TRX training at our gym in Hackensack!