Train with Intention at Hackensack Gym

If you want to achieve your fitness goals, training services at Femme Fitness will help speed you toward them. Our Hackensack gym offers several training options for our members who want to take fitness to the next level.

Having a fitness coach offers benefits that include help designing individualized fitness programs, guidance in doing exercises safely and effectively, providing camaraderie and motivation, advice on getting fit and living healthy, tracking of fitness progress, and accountability.

small-group-training-hackensack-njAlthough anyone can benefit from having a trainer, different people have different training needs. Femme Fitness offers various training experiences so you can choose the one that best suits your fitness needs and budget.

Personal training provides the most one-on-one attention. Personal training sessions are great for customizing new fitness plans or tweaking old ones to adapt to changing circumstances. Our certified personal trainers get to know you and can help you through the fitness roadblocks that challenge you.

If you’re looking for a more economical training option that still offers plenty of personal attention, try one of our small group training programs! For less of the cost, you can jump into our structured group training programs that are nonetheless flexible enough to be adapted to members of any fitness level.

Small group training programs include ones focusing on strength training, high intensity interval training, cardio training, muscle toning, foundations of total body fitness, core work, arm strength and toning, and bodyweight training using suspension principles.

Small group training is ideal for seeking targeted guidance or just going the program as you please. Many members find small group training to be the greatest value and a great way to make friends!

Call today or talk to our caring staff when you come in for your complimentary guest pass to help figure out which training option is for you!