One Woman’s Inspiring Fitness Journey at Local Gym

For member Kelsey Peterson, a sense of comfort and camaraderie are what make FemmeFitness the best studio to achieve her fitness goals in.

“Maybe it’s the group of people here, but I never really feel judged,” Peterson said. “I don’t feel any pressure to be a certain way or anything like that. And that’s the biggest part of it – you can come in here and just be a woman and not have to worry.”

Since beginning her personal training six months ago, at our gym in Hackensack,
Peterson has accelerated her fitness plan and achieved the results she’d been seeking.

“My goal for the last six months was not to step on the scale and to get away from the nasty relationship that goes along with the scale,” she said. “So I have not stepped on the scale in six months and I still feel good, which is what I wanted.”

Not only has Peterson brought her original scale relationship goal to fruition, but she’s also lost 20 pounds since May 2016. She’s certain that with the gregarious and encouraging team here at FemmeFitness that she’ll reach that goal of losing 10 more pounds.

“Everyone here is down to earth and doesn’t put such pressure on you,” Peterson said fondly. “They’ll guide you in the right way, but not make you feel like ‘crap.’ Whereas if you go someplace else, they’ll have you thinking, ‘Oh, well, you have to eat this because if you don’t eat this you’re not going to be successful.’ At FemmeFitness they’re like ‘Ok, you need to change your diet, but you don’t need to do it all at once and you don’t need to stress yourself out about it.’ They always guide me in the right way.”

As for anyone in need of some motivation to hit the gym, Peterson’s best piece of advice is to not give up on your goals, not give in to negative thoughts, and to always remember that you’re not doing this on your own.

“People have bad days, bad weeks, bad months; being consistent has gotten me through those bad times,” she explained. “Getting started is the hardest part, it’s staying committed that takes the effort. And we all need to remember that we’re not in this alone. We are all at the gym for one reason or another, so there’s always someone to turn to when you can’t think.”

Do you need help getting back on track, and back in the gym? Come check out our women’s only gym in Hacksensack, NJ! Our team is here to help you get started and will cheer and celebrate with you through your entire fitness and weight loss journey!