Lorena says her weight struggles began during childhood, “I have been overweight ever since I was a little girl. Growing up I’ve always been the big funny girl and that’s all people knew me as. I struggled with self-love, self-acceptance and self-worth.”

She credits her lack of exercise and unhealthy eating as what helped contribute to her weight gain. “Looking back at it, I didn’t take my health as seriously as I should have.” She, also describes the emotional toll it took on her, “I had to constantly worry if I was going to fit in that restaurant booth, if I could ride that roller coaster or even if that random person on the street is judging me because of my size. As the years went by, it got worse and worse. I was getting fed up.”

However, this wasn’t her greatest fear. Lorena’s greatest fear was missing out on life. She explains that her friends were all doing physical activities such as: hiking, kayaking, and skydiving. She often felt left out as she wasn’t able to.

That is when she began to take the necessary steps to change her life. She spoke to her mom and they decided that Lorena would undergo weight loss surgery. In the beginning, the weight came off steadily and quickly. Though, like everyone in their fitness journey, she started experiencing a plateau. That is when she joined FemmeFitness and working with a personal trainer.

Lorena explains why she chose FemmeFitness, “Being an all women’s fitness center was attractive to me; they would understand my challenges as a woman, and a woman who is overweight.” As with any weight loss journey, it wasn’t always easy. There was some pain but as the months progressed, so did she. Now Lorena says that her workout consists of “One-hour long sessions two times per week and my strength is a hundred times better than when I began. The pounds were shedding faster than I could have ever hoped.  As of now, I am 120 pounds down.” Lorena found her strength again and has discovered a whole other side to herself. “The surgery and training has honestly created a new person in me. I’m still working on my self-esteem and confidence but it’s night and day with who I was before. I am privileged enough to finally have people in my corner rooting for me and fighting for me to keep going. I couldn’t thank them enough.” 

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