Yoga, Pilates, and Barre for Rounded Well-Being at Hackensack Gym

Build strength and relax your mind in our dedicated Mind and Body Studio

One of the things that distinguishes FemmeFitness from your average coed gym, and makes us the best gym in Hackensack, is the value we place on overall well-being rather than just being fit, strong, or slim. Our Yoga, Pilates, and Barre classes address other aspects of the mind-body connection that women thrive on.

hackensack-yoga-studioYoga classes at our gym are practical and focus on the needs of our members by providing injury prevention, gentle muscle toning, flexibility, and a meditative space.

Iyengar Yoga strengthens the core, improves posture, and increases flexibility. Meanwhile, our Yoga Flow class fuses traditional yoga and stretching to maximize the benefits.

Pilates Fusion emphasizes core body mechanics such as core strength, muscle groups working in coordination, proper breathing, posture, circulation, flexibility, mobility, and range of motion – a functional foundation for any other fitness program!

Check out the detailed class descriptions and schedule at our Hackensack gym, and drop in for a class today with your complimentary 3 day guest pass!