Energizing Group Exercise Classes

Looking to improve athletic performance? Lose weight? Feel healthy? Have more fun? With two dozen classes and a full daily schedule, you’re sure to find the group fitness class for you at our Hackensack gym.

Group Fitness Classes at Hackensack gymOur FemmeFitness Signature Series of classes was designed specifically for our members. Catering to the core needs expressed by our members, we have classes that address women’s specific needs for strength training, cardio training, interval training for strength/endurance/weight loss, and yoga for stretching and muscle toning.

If you want to explore other fitness avenues, you might try Barre for low impact sculpting, Pilates Fusion or Core and More for core training, FemmeFusion, or 20/20/20 for interval training, Warrior or Strong for H.I.I.T., Zumba for fitness fun, or Gentle Fitness and Better Bones for a lighter workout.

Check out our detailed class descriptions below to find the classes that call to you. Then try them for yourself at our gym in Hackensack with a 3 day guest pass!