“Comfort Zone FemmeFitness” is how one of FemmeFitness’s first members Dayle Johnson saves the center’s number in her phone. For Johnson, the FemmeFitness gym in Hackensack, New Jersey, isn’t just a place to work out, but a second home.

“This is a no brainer,” she explained. “I get tickled or giddy when I know I’m going to the gym sometimes, it just makes me feel better.”

Since getting back to FemmeFitness more regularly following the death of a loved one, Johnson has seen physical and emotional results in her every day life.

“I’m very zen, I’m a very spiritual person – and I like that coming to FemmeFitness helps balance those out for me,” she said. “The better I feel, the cleaner I want to eat. I’ve dropped 17 pounds and I took weight off the table. For me, it was just about feeling better, fighting the grief and I took weight off the table. And taking weight off the table has lifted a weight.”

On top of her physical weight loss and emotional progress, Johnson also has felt physically stronger. She says that she no longer feels sluggish and has noticed more strength in her legs.

The combination of the physical and emotional progress for Johnson is a result of working out regularly in the gym and her constant interactions with the FemmeFitness staff, whom Johnson only speaks highly of.

“I’ve never had a bad vibe off of a worker or off of a client here. Never. If anything, everyone is encouraging. Nobody’s snickering or pointing and laughing.”

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