Results Oriented Weight Loss Center

Looking to lose a few pounds to feel healthier and fit into your favorite pair of jeans again? FemmeFitness’s Hackensack gym offers a variety of weight loss solutions for our members.

For greatest impact, work with one of our knowledgeable, certified personal trainers to design a weight loss program that works for your individual needs, goals, and busy schedule. Our trainers also offer support, guidance, motivation, and accountability every step of the way.

Hackensack Cardio EquipmentStrength and cardio training serve as foundations of almost any weight loss program. Our gym features ample free weights, weight machines, cardio machines, and other specialized equipment to help you build the muscles and endurance to burn fat faster and longer.

For more intense weight loss options, try our programs that provide metabolic training. Circuit training and interval training build strength, endurance, and burn fat all at once. Best of all, they elevate the heart rate for hours after working out so that you keep burning fat even when at home resting!

If you find training solo tedious and lonely, small group training could provide the intimate group setting you are looking for. Our F.I.T. Body class employs high intensity interval training to maximize calorie burning, while Tread n’ Shred focuses more on cardio.

Group classes multiply the fun factor to pull you through even the most intense fat burning workouts. Try our Warrior, FemmeFUSION, Zumba®, Strong by Zumba™, or Cardio Fusion classes for best weight loss results!

Try out some of our weight loss options today with your complimentary 3-day guest pass!