#1 Kids Fitness Gym in Hackensack

FemmeFitness firmly believes that fitness means fun for the whole family! Our Hackensack gym provides fitness programs that will keep your kids moving even as you enjoy your own workout.

To build a firm foundation of fitness from a young age, FemmeFitness periodically provides programs especially for kids. Zumba Kids will keep children grooving to lively music, while Musical Yoga will challenge kids with stretching, flexing, balancing, and creating mind-body awareness.

All of our programs are designed to make fitness fun – your child will be so engaged they won’t even realize they’re working out!

hackensack-gym-with-childcareKids who are active on a regular basis are:

  • Healthier
  • Energized
  • Less moody
  • Better behaved
  • Perform better in school



Give your kid an edge by signing him or her up for our kids programs today!