Circuit Training for Peak Results at Hackensack Gym

Want to burn fat fast and tone up in the shortest possible time? Circuit training at Hackensack’s fitness gym is one of the proven surest and quickest paths available.

weight-loss-solutions-in-hackensackCircuit training fires up your metabolic engine through a series of exercises targeting different muscle groups with little rest in between. This forces your muscles to burn more calories, adapt to recover quicker, and makes your heart race to feed your muscles.

The result is getting a strength and cardio workout together in a fraction of the time it would take to do both separately, plus multiplied results!

FemmeFitness makes circuit training a cinch with our selection of free weights and machines. This includes the Queenax, a multipurpose standalone gym with versatile training options.

An effective circuit training program needs to be well-structured. Work with one of our certified personal trainers to help you design and implement your program, or jump into one of our Buddy Build small group training session, a FemmeBOD, FemmeFusion, or Armed & Fabulous class, or other strength/cardio fusion programs!

Test out our circuit training programs for yourself with your complimentary 3-day guest pass!