Motivating Women’s Gym in Hackensack

Getting started, our memberships

  • Do I have to sign a one year contract in order to become a member of FemmeFitness? Answer
  • Can I have a trial pass before I purchase a membership? Answer
  • How do I get started? Answer
  • Do you sell Gift Certificates? Answer
  • When and how are membership dues collected? Answer
  • Can I pay online? Answer
  • How do I change my payment information? Answer
  • How do I cancel my membership? Answer
  • How do I freeze my membership? Answer

Parking, location and hours

  • Do you have parking onsite? Answer
  • Are you open on the holidays? Answer

Classes and amenities

  • Do I have to be a member to use the facility? Answer
  • What is your Guest Pass policy? Answer
  • Is the class schedule going to change? How often?Answer
  • How can I sign up for classes online? Answer
  • Do you have childcare? Answer