(To sign up for Small Group Training, follow this link, click on All Classes and select Small Group Training)
(To sign up for Small Group Training, follow this link, click on All Classes and select Small Group Training)

Burn More Fat in our Weight Loss Programs

Classes are 30-45 minutes in length

Buddy Build

Have fun while you and your friends get fit together. Research shows that working with a partner can increase workout intensity by 200 percent! Excite and energize your workout with play-based movements and challenges that build motivation and camaraderie among your teammates. Laughs encouraged!


Get lean and strong with high energy, high intensity interval training that will challenge strength and stamina, enhancing metabolism while improving your overall fitness level.  For the early morning sessions: Get your day started with the right ‘fit’ in this energy boosting workout, torching stubborn body fat as you tone and tighten every inch of your body.

Heart Strong

Break through your current level of fitness to help you burn the reserves, improve your cardiovascular system, your overall health and fitness level.

Raise the Barre

Take your “Barre” workout to the next level with this low-impact total body Barre workout, challenging your core while sculpting every inch of your body.

Getting Started

Build a strong fitness foundation with basic functional training focusing on the total body. Great for beginners.

Kick Butt with Core Values

Target and tone your core and glutes, and strengthen your back to improve stability and strength while challenging your body and mind on the ‘playground’.

Armed and Fabulous

Focus on strengthening, toning and tightening your arms.


Leverage gravity and your bodyweight using suspension training principles, and be in control of how much you want to challenge yourself!

Queenax 101

This introductory session to small group training is designed to help you feel confident in a small group training program by learning how to properly and effectively use super functionals and other Queenax equipment, and prevent injuries. Enjoy a total body workout that is fun, yet challenging enough to help you reach your fitness goals. Take it as often as you would like!

Body Fat Blast

This high-intensity total body workout helps to boost your metabolism, torch stubborn body fat, and build lean muscle. You are sure to feel more confident with each class.